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The products list of H.S.I. is as follows:


Product Package/Weight

Sugar white Pack 1kg
Sugar white Bag 25kg
Sugar white Bag 50kg
Sugar white Bulk - silo
Sugar white Bulk - big bag
Sugar white stick 4g
Sugar brown Big bag 1000kg
Sugar brown stick 4g


Product Package/Weight

Molasses Simple molasses


Product Package/Weight

Sugar pie Bag 50kg
Sugar pie Bulk
Fresh Pulp Bulk


Product Package/Weight

Potato seed Bags 20 & 40 kg
Beets seed (pelletized) Cardboard box 6 × 10
Beets seed (pelletized) Cardboard box 10 × 10,5
Beets seed (naked) Cardboard box 10 × 10


sugar and other products

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